Refurbishing in the Sanborn Garage

My husband, Tim was adamant about mounting the TV above the fireplace in our new family room.  I surprisingly got used to the idea, however we needed a place to store our TiVO, DVDs, removes, etc.  We searched local antique stores for a media stand when suddenly my husband stated, “Let’s refurbish!”

So… we located an antique blue dresser my grandparents had given to us in our basement (see below left corner).  Next, we sanded, primed, and spray-painted the original brass hardware white.  Tim and my dad utilized the table saw to make a new shelf for the center, and Tim installed hardware so the bottom shelf could be hidden.    


We went with Lowe’s Valspar Paint (sorry Abby & Scott)… and let me tell you, we will probably never paint with it again.  It was tacky, cheap, and required many layers and dry-time.  However, the colors are for the top Black Raisin (4002-2C) and for the base Mark Twain House Ombra Gray (4004-2A). 

And, viola!  A refurbished, vintage media unit! 




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