We received the keys to our house in June.  Within the first minute of being in our fenced-in backyard, Amber, our “brown dog,” succeeded in chasing every squirrel, chipmunk, bird, and basically anything moving out of our backyard.  But soon after, Amber had her first run in with an animal that did not appreciate her constant stalking.  So after we spend hours washing the skunk juice off Amber (and ourselves for that matter), we realized Amber was going to have a much different life on Sanborn Drive.

Just when the skunk smell was almost going away, we walked outside to find Amber limping around after tearing her nail off sprinting across the deck.  Back to the vet we were to have her bandaged up and limping on three-legs for 10 days.  The dog is quite dramatic (my husband likes to call her “particular”).


This week she was stunk by a bee, and then cut at the groomers (WHAT?).  But the silly thing always has a goofy grin on her face, even with all this suburbia drama.  We will continue to report on Amber’s adventures, but seriously, she lives a pretty good life in our new home.





Amber’s Life so far on Sanborn Drive

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